Auto Dipper
Whether you just didn't get tired and tired of using information Dipper illumination while generating in the night? Computerized Dipper Program can help you. How you experience on road during night with almost no visibility due to the other vehicle coming fast towards you with excellent flow headlights? It is the reason for event on interstate at night. People also get tired and tired and tired of using information dipper illumination in night and they do something incorrect while using dipper generating event.

Mahashakti Energy Ltd an ISO 9001 & ISO 14000 companies has developed Computerized Dipper Program solution of this problem. This technological innovation has become more effective and effective solution.

Auto Dipper functions when vehicle techniques near with illumination then the illumination of vehicle immediately comes down preventing attaining of excellent flow illumination on the sight of car proprietor. Computerized Dipper also functions at smaller range and vehicle with poor illumination. People understand the use of Computerized Dipper Program. In the night car proprietor of vehicle keeps on doing flow up and down generating chance of injuries. High flow of your vehicle may reduce the car proprietor coming from other. If car proprietor of opposite vehicle changes reduced, he will hit you and include you in serious event, computerized dipper changes down flow. Auto dipper follows all the guidelines of road and visitors techniques. MEL have developed automatic dipper maintaining all these factors.